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Cao Ich Mau

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Manufacturer: OPC Pharm

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Product Information

Cao Ich Mau

Cao Ich Mau is prepared from the extract of medicinal herbs as Herba Leonuri japonici, Rhizoma Cyperi and Herba Artemisiae vulgaris.
Herba Leonuri  japonici has a pungent, bitter taste and a coldish property. It invigorates blood and moves stagnation, generates new blood and regulates menstruation by activating blood circulation.
Rhizoma Cyperi removes stagnation of Qi, eases the mind, regulates menstruation and relieves pain.
Herba Artemisiae vulgaris  has a warmish and pungent taste. It is used to warm the Qi and blood, to regulate menstruation, to treat menstrual abdominal pain due to cold and menstrual disorder.
Cao Ich Mau which manufactured by OPC Company is formulated with modern technology and reputed in the market for over 20 years.
"CAO ICH MAU"  regulates menstruation by activating blood circulation, helps women to be healthy and have complexion. "CAO ICH MAU" is highly efficacious in alleviating menstrual abdominal pain, especially lessens the symtoms in pre-menopause period such as sensation of burning face, headache, bad temper, abdominal pains, menstrual disturbance.
Cao Ich Mau is safe and can be used in a long-term treatment.

Herba Leonuri japonici 80g
Rhizoma Cyperi 25g
Herba Artemisiae vulgaris 20g
Excipients s.q.f 100ml.
(White sugar, sodium benzoate, enthanol 90%, de-ion water)


  • Menstrual disorder and menstrual abdominal pain
  • menstrual congestion and Amenorrhea
  • too long/short menstrual cycle

How To Use:
Drink 2 times/day, 1 tablespoon each time (15ml)


  • Do not use for pregnant woman.
  • Do not use for patients with hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the drug.

Dosage Form:

Liquid, box of 1 bottle of 100 ml or 180 ml

36 months from date of manufacture

Storage Conditions:
Cool, dry place below 30 °C


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