Careleeser Uv Whitening Face & Body Cream

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  • Manufactured by: Nguyen Quach
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Whitening Sun Cream

High-Class product of manufacturer Nguyen Quach helps to prevent browned and dark lumpy and sunburnt skin, bloom bruise and keep skin moisture and natural white.

Cream dissolves quickly, soaks deeply into skin and makes skin white after 5 -7 days of use.

No tanning, insignificant skin irritation.

Water 51.45%, Glyceryl monostearate 28%, Parafine oil 5%, Titanium dioxide 5%, Zine oxide 4%, Propylene glycol 1.5%, Petrolatum 1.5%, Aloe vera extract 1%, Vitamin B3 1%, Acid Salycilic 0.5%, Nicotiamide 0.3%, Propylparaben 0.2%, Fragrance 0.2%, Triclorsan 0.15%, Tocopherol Acetate 0.05%, Vitamin A 0.05%, Vitamin B10 0.05%, Vitamin B1 0.05%


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