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Cà phê Thu Hà

started in 1971 as a small family business with the cultivation and processing of coffee. The sale was initially only in the own Café, in Pleiku (central highlands). With tradition, modern processing methods, Thu Ha produces an honest, pure and great tasting coffee. The love for the country and the proud of the incredible quality and the wonderful taste are the key to the success of Thu Ha Coffee. Thu Ha Coffee is and will always be a 100% pure and natural product without additives or harmful chemicals.

If you buy Thu Ha coffee, you can be confident that it only contains pure coffee with its unique bitter, sweet taste.
A pleasure for the senses and never a disappointment!

  • Coffee Robusta
    finds very good cultivation conditions in the central highlands of Viet Nam (Gia lai, Đắc lắc), the aroma and taste are very aromatic but not sour, Robusta coffee has a very high caffeine content.
  • Moka
    is a type of coffee arabica. The climatic conditions in Vietnam can not be described as ideal for the Arabica cultivation, only about 5-10% of the coffee yield is attributable to coffee Arabica. Nevertheless, Thu Ha's Coffee Moka is of excellent quality, has a lovely, seductive scent and a mild taste.

The numbers (Robusta 18 + Moka 16) represent the size and thus the quality of the beans used.

"Đặc biệt" means special or special selection.

"Robusta Mộc, Lựa hạt không Bơ" is pure Robusta coffee, the greasy beans (butter) being sorted out.

"Hương Chồn" is weasel coffee. The freshly harvested beans were subjected to a fermentation process, as would occur in the digestive tract of a weasel.

by Jane

Thu Ha Coffee is the best, My husband and I love this coffee, It is our very favorite. We look forward to this wonderful brew. with great anticipation.

by Knut

I favor this coffee since my last visit in Vietnam. A bit expensive, but no matter. :)

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