Ecosip Cool Sheng Chun Herbal Patch

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Ecosip Cool

Ecosip Cool Sheng Chun herbal patches are made from natural ingredients. Use Ecosip Cool to reduce swelling and pain caused by injuries or fractures. No matter where it hurts, on arm, hand, leg or even in the back, Ecosip Cool will help. These patches alleviate pain in wet or cold weather as well as in weather sensitivity. Ecosip Cool Patches are very skin friendly.

For adults and children 12 years and older. Clean the affected area first. Pull the film off and cover the affected area with the patch. Hold for 8 hours, no longer. Do not use more than 3 patches per day and no more than 7 consecutive days.
Not recommended for children under 2 years and pregnant women. Consult the doctor if you are pregnant, nursing or children under 12 years of age.

Ingredients for 1000mg:

  • 390.50mg Colophonium (Rosin)
  • 327.50 Oleum sesami
  • 60.00mg Castor oil
  • 50.00mg Menthol
  • 37.50mg Clematidis radix
  • 37.50mg Yello wax
  • 30.00mg Zinc oxide
  • 18.75mg Olibanum
  • 18.75mg Myrrha
  • 12.00mg Momordicae semen
  • 5.00mg Methyl salicylate
  • Resin

Follow the instructions. Do not apply on eye areas or open wounds. Remove or ask doctor when the applied area become rashes.

3 years from manufacturing date

1 box contains 2 packs, each pack contains 5 patches (14cm x 10cm), so total 10 patches. Including 10 self adhesive backs to fix the patch firmly to your body.

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