Knotweed Concentrate

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Knotweed concentrate boiled to paste or glue

Knotweed for beautiful hair and skin, anti-aging effect

  • Knotweed can prevent premature graying of hair, promotes healthy hair and prevents brittle hair.
  • Good for the blood and a healthy skin.
  • Stimulates feeding, apply for rehabilitation after illness.
  • Provides better and deeper sleep.
  • For men, knotweed also works to enhance the vitality, kidney, masculinity.
  • Prolongs life.


  • Method 1: Knotweed paste soak in alcohol and drink before meals.
  • Method 2: Every day dissolve 10 - 30g knotweed in a little hot water, and dilute with water to drink instead of water daily after meals.
  • Method 3: Use 10-30 g knotweed heat and melt and possibly mix with a little honey.
  • Method 4: Knotweed paste can be used as a spice for food or drink that is healthy and delicious.

When using knotweed you should eat more vegetables, fruits and fiber-rich food.


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