DHA - Vinaga Gac oil capsules

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VINAGA Gac oil capsules with DHA

VINAGA-DHA is obtained from the Gac fruit and supplemented with DHA, it is one of the best nutritional supplements today. A priceless gift of nature. VINAGA-DHA helps prevent vitamin deficiency, increases the resistance ability of the body, counteracts the aging process, helps in the treatment of the harmful effects of environmental toxins, chemicals, radiation, etc. so that the body healthy, especially for children and women.
According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition, are unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA (a fatty acid omega-3 fatty acid group), are needed. Dr Lam said the DHA for the full development of vision, and the perfect development of the nervous system is required. If lack of DHA in the development process, the child is less intelligent. For adults, DHA can improve against heart disease, stroke, reduce arthritis, anti-aging and memory.


  • Pure Gac oil, containing Beta-carotene 150 mg% (15.1 times higher than carrots)
  • Lycopene (68 times higher than tomatoes)
  • Vitamin E (Alphatocopherol 12mg%)
  • many vegetable oil such as Oleic 14.4 %
    Linoleic 14.7%
    Stearic 7.69%
    Palmatic 33.38%
    … and other essential nutrients for human body.
  • 5 mg% DHA

Three (3) years from the date of manufacture.

Keep in dry, cool place. Protect from light and high temperature >30° C

VINAGA - DHA 100 capsules / bottle

by Jesus

Excelente producto y muy buena atención, conseguí lo que necesitaba, recomendados

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