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G8 - Dau Gac Viet Nam ( Momordica cochinchinensis oil)

G8 Vietnam Gac oil is a natural food, a fruit oils should be non-toxic, no side effects, used to replace artificial colors in food and food supplements daily to strengthen the resistance body, anti-aging supplements and nutrients needed to help the body grow.


  • Pure Gac oil, containing Beta-carotene 190mg% (15.1 times higher than carrots and 68 times more than tomatoes ...)
  • Lycopene, Alphacotopherol 12mg% (pre-Vitamin E)
  • many plant fats such as Oleic 14.4%,
    Linoleic 14.7%,
    Stearic 7.69%,
    Palmatic 33.38%
    … and other nutrients essential for human body.
  • Vegetable oil


  • G8 Vietnam Gac Oil is vegetable oil, is extracted from Gac fruit of Vietnam, used as food for daily meals
  • Oil Gac Gac's red should be used for processing food coloring instead of chemical safety and hygiene, non-toxic medium
  • Vietnam Gac Oil + G8 contain beta-carotene, vitamin E, lycopene, so the effects skin, skin protection, tanning room, rash, sunburn, tan cheeks, your skin is always fresh and rosy smooth combat hair loss
  • G8 Vietnam Gac Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid works to prevent obesity, diabetes, help lower blood choresterol
  • Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support prevention and treatment of lesions in DNA cases infected with radiation, toxic dioxin sprayed by the Americans in battle or in weight gain and feed pesticides may decompose all, in vegetables, meat, or chemicals used in the preservation of agricultural products, food ... For cancer patients after surgery, radiation, chemicals, steroids ... Gac oil G8 help quickly restore health and prevent the risk of cancer
  • Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support prevention and treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and precancerous lesions, especially with HBsAg-positive cirrhosis and high levels of AFP threatens to become primary liver cancer
  • Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support for prevention and cure vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, eye brightening effect, treating dry eyes, blurred vision, night blindness, anemia… enhance the body's resistance against infectious diseases in the body ... Helping children develop a comprehensive and healthy
  • To heal wounds, burns. Prevention of respiratory infections…
  • G8 Vietnam Gac oil also works to increase immunity, prevent cancer, especially breast cancer in women.


  • For infants, from the fourth month onwards, to prevent vitamin deficiency, dry eye, preventing rickets: oil for use in milk, flour, porridge… Every day for children to use 0.5 ml - 1 ml.
  • Add to food, sticky rice, meat, beans, fish…: Every time from 10 to 30 ml depending on the amount of food and nutritional supplements to create color.
  • Add the cooked food, salad mix…
  • The food processing facilities, candy, fast food, instant noodles: Use as food coloring food coloring instead of chemical.
  • For cases of skin burns: Apply directly to injured skin areas after handling wounds.
  • Used for facial skin, moisturizing the skin, treating burns, dry skin…

Bottle Vietnam Gac oil 185ml

Duration of use:
2 years from date of manufacture

Please read the manual before use.

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