Lingzhi - Ginseng OPC

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Lingzhi - Ginseng Capsules

Linh Chi Sâm

Lingzhi is a very precious and exceptionally rare Chinese traditional medicinal herb. Lingzhi is highly appreciated and ranked number one of the superior medicines by Lee Shi Zhen in Gang Mu Ben Tsao (Shen Nung’s Materia Medica). Lingzhi is a natural medicine, is general tonic, benefits the qi of the heart, improves mental capacity and memory, prolongs life, helps maintain youth. Therefore, Lingzhi is called the »Herb of longevity«.

Based on the findings of recent scientific research, Lingzhi fortifies the health, increases the immune response system, prevents cancer and tumor, prevents chronic hepatitis, heart disease and stomach disease, treats the the arthritis, reduces serum cholesterol, anti-embolism, anti-aging. Lingzhi has been used in treatment of lethargy, stress and indigestion. Especially in women taking Lingzhi, senility is slowed down, acne is healed, fine complexion and beauty is maintained.

Ginseng has been known as a valuable medicinal herb from the ancient time. Ginseng reinforces the five viscera (the heart, the liver, the spleen, the lungs the kidneys), fosters the blood, increases metabolism and increases life expectancy.

OPC PHARMACEUTICAL ISC has researched on Lingzhi and Gingseng, formulated and combined these medical herbs together in a medicine called »Lingzhi - Ginseng OPC« whose functions are particularly good, purely natural, easily absorbed, no side effects.

Enhancing a cool, sedative, diuretic action, helping excrete waste substances and detoxify the body.
Improving mental capacity, reduce cholesterol in blood, recuperate health, increase memory, strengthen the immune system.

The Formula:

  • Lingzhi ( Ganoderma lucidum) 1,000mg
  • Ginseng (Radix Ginseng) 250mg
  • Excipients s.q.f 1 capsule
  • (starch, talc, magnesi stearate)

Used in the following cases: body weakness, exhaustion, fatigue, and during convalescence. Treatment for depression, insomnia, high blood cholesterol.

How To Use:
Take 1 - 2 capsules x 2 - 3 times / day.

Do not use for pregnant women.
Do not use for patients with hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Caution when use for patients with hypertension, children under 12 years of age.

Dosage Form:
Hard Capsules

Box of 5 blisters of 10 capsules.

36 months from date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions:
Cool, dry place below 30°C

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