Tien Ong Cajeput Oil

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Tien Ong Cajeput Oil

Tien Ong cajeput oil, extracted from cajeput trees in natural, is a valuable medicine with many unique therapeutic effects that cannot be found in any other herbal remedies. We are proud to be the only brand who has combined valuable traditional oil distilling experience of over 100 years with model extracting methods to produce Tien Ong cajeput oil of prime quality.

It helps to cure cold, indisposition, headache, runny nose and stimulate respiration to alleviate tiredness. It can be used for external massage to improve new mother’s heath.

Cajeput oil can resist A/H5N1 flu and can inhibit A/H1N1 flu (from: the Viet Nam Youth newspaper, July 27th 2009)

How to use:
Apply onto skin and massage, or mix some drops with boiled water for steam inhalation.


  • 65% Aetheroleum cajeput
  • 25% Aetheroleum baeckeae
  • 10% other ingredient (which contains a lot of important ingredient such as Cineol, Eucalyptol, α-Terpineol, …)

45ml Tien Ong Cajeput Oil

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