Vietnamese Coffee Filter - Stainless Steel - Screw Filter

  • Model:  stainless steel screw filter
  • Manufactured by: Long Cam
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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter - French Filter

Three-part coffee filter made ​​of INOX stainless steel (screw-down insert)

  • Size 6 - height: 49mm, diameter: 60mm
  • Size 7 - height: 59mm, diameter: 60mm
  • Size 8 - height: 63mm, diameter: 70mm
  • Size 9 - height: 70mm, diameter: 80mm
  • Size 10 - height: 84mm, diameter: 88mm

Made from stainless steel. Coffee filter is shiny, elegant design, easy to use. Help you enjoy a cup of coffee as standard completely.

Requires no electricity, just coffee in the filter and hot water to - finish.

  • 1st Open the device and unscrew to remove the filter’s top screen.
  • 2nd Add coffee into the device. Replace the screen and turn it until it starts to get snug. This takes a bit of practice but note, it should not be tight but snug.
  • 3rd Place the filter on top of the coffee cup. Pour hot water into the device until it is about 1/4 full. Wait 20 seconds. If all the water flows through in the time, you need to tighten the filter more.
  • 4th Unscrew the filter two complete turns. If it is too tight, you can typically use a quarter as a screw driver. Only loosen it two turns (but not less, either!)
  • Fill the filter with hot water. Place the cover on and wait. Typically about 5 minutes. The water should not “stream” through, it should drip.
  • 6th When the dripping stops (i.e., all the water has passed through the filter), carefully remove the device, set aside, and start to enjoy. The lid is used as a coaster for the filter.

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