Genuine Oolong 50 x 10g

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Tam Chau Genuine Oolong Tea

50 x 10g Oolong Tea

Oolong tea from Vietnam "Perfect Quality of Asia". One of the best teas from Asia! This tea is very fertile, you can pour this tea with the same tea leaves 2 to 3 times! The Oolong tea is in contrast to the green tea, not at all bitter. It is an independent sapling tree and the tea is picked by hand. When picking, only the outermost and therefore the noblest leaflets are picked up, including small sticks.

Oolong is a kind of tea with specific flavor and is a famous product of China. In the old day, Oolong tea comes into royal rituals and becomes offering product for kings, Oong tea appeared 400 years ago in Phuc Kien province – China and in Minh reign. Until 1992, this tea was imported into Viet Nam and now planted widely in Lam Dong province.

Lam Dong is a province in South Tay Nguyen, with bazan red soil in most of the area, distributed mainly at the height from 800 – 1600 m comparing to sea level, temperature is 18 – 22°C, annual average rainfall is 1800 – 2600 mm, a suitable condition for tea development, especially Oolong tea. Climate and soil are two most important factors for developing optimal quality of tea tree. Therefore, Tam Chau company developed two Oolong tea farms in this nature-preferred land. Company has good management method, closed production from material planting phase to processing phase. The planting and caring technique are applied according to strict technology process; tea garden is applied from soil working, planting, caring, controlling of excess volume of botany protection medicine to harvesting, maintaining, processing. In addition, many methods for soil improvement, humidity covering are specially noticed by the company.

In present orientation, consumers are looking forward to high quality, safe products. Tea is the direct drinking into our body, health safety for consumers is always the first priority of our company, especially during the integrating process into world market. Therefore, Tam Chau Company applied stable organic cultivation method, general epidemic management by new-generation botany protection medicine, biological medicine without leaving excess volume in order to create safe tea product, organic tea, together with suitable processing technology. A processing technology with modern equipment imported from Taiwan together with professionally trained, experienced technical team of Tam Chau created Tam Chau current products.

Oolong Tam Chau feature is that no flavor or additive is used during processing, its specific flavor is from available Oolong tea flavor. To gain Oolong product, then from fresh material, it takes more than 30 hours through various phases such as: withering, scenting, ferment eliminating, forming and finally packaging, creating many kinds of Tam Chau Oolong tea according to cosumers’ taste.

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